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About Us

FIRST we learnt to grow high grade. This involved some arrests and the start of our activism against prohibition.

THEN we learnt how to produce PURE concentrates.

NOW our experience brings you the best dabbing rigs. Custom Dab Rigs

We are still active:


Can Med

UK Canna Mums

Dab Duck .Com

Proceeds from this business help us to raise awareness through our activism. By buying our products you are helping us to continue fighting the unjust laws in the U.K.

Thanks to everyone for being part of the family:

Tom Lloyd ex Policeman from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition http://ukleap.org

Exotic Seed http://www.exoticseed.eu/ For the seed catalogue http://www.exoticseed.eu/ExoticSeed_English_Catalogue.pdf

Please donate to the Cannabis Oil Experiment Fund to help further the important work Jeff is organising with Professor Manuel Guzman http://www.gofundme.com/cancercannabinoids

Jeff Ditchfield founder of Bud Buddies, a UK based organisation that supplied cannabis for medicinal use from 2002-2007. Now they research the preparation and application of cannabis oil. https://www.facebook.com/budbuddiesUK also check http://www.cannabiscure.info/

Greg de Hoedt is President of the UK Cannabis Social Clubs http://ukcsc.co.uk/ and has a lead position in NORML http://norml-uk.org/

Soft Secrets Softsecretsuk

The Tottenham Cannabis Club The Tottenham Cannabis Club

NORML UK http://norml-uk.org/

United Patients Alliance United Patients Alliance

Hampshire Cannabis Community Hampshire Cannabis Club

HeadBox Headboxsmoking

BIRDfeeders Birdfeeder

Brighton Cannabis Club Brighton Cannabis Club

And many many other warriors we know who you are J Now is the time for us all.

Custom Dab Rigs


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.